Saturday, 16 August 2014

The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
August 16, 2014

The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

A bit nervously I've decided to try something new and start writing here, online, to share and explore with you my thoughts and experiences. Feels like quite a big step for me as I've always thought my writing style was never anything special and that nobody would ever read what I wrote.

I want to set a few goals and promises to begin with. Primarily, I will never romanticise depression or mental illness. It is not cool, nor fun. It is everything I don't want to be. I will tell you how I feel or describe it how it is but I wouldn't wish depression on anyone. It's the invisible deadly pandemic and it hurts the people we love the most. I will always try to elaborate how I grew more positive as a person from each event or thought and never end a post on a negative note. Lastly, I don't pretend to be an expert on depression, if you need help, the best person to see if you're having troubles is a professional. You do however, have my 100% support. and I will be there to talk to. I believe in you.

In case you haven't figured it out, this blog is about my daily battle with depression and how I live with it, but also making light in the dark. It's conquered my life for too long and within the last year I have been taking steps to ensure my life, and those of the people close to me, improves. Taking the drivers seat in your life is no easy feat for anybody, but it is definitely a key to Growing Positive.

I'm excited to get to know you all and go on this journey with you. It's not something we have to go through alone.

Whether you know someone with depression, depressed yourself or just want to help, are you willing to take steps to make this world a better place?


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