Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Duck & Waffle - Highest Resturaunt in the UK
February 17, 2015

Duck & Waffle - Highest Resturaunt in the UK

Been super busy with univeristy work recently but wanted to show everyone where I went to for my girlfriend's birthday. I made a video montage to show how amazing it was, I knew it would do a much better job describing it than me.

Duck and Waffle is the highest resturaunt in the UK, up Heron Tower in London. Literally one of the best nights in my entire life. Although expensive for what you get, you pay for an experience of a lifetime. The food was amazingggg, with their speciality being the Duck and Waffle which is so much better than it sounds. The customer service being impeccably  flawless makes the journey there all the more worthwhile. I didn't even tell them it was Rachel's 21st and but from attentive listening they brought over a plate with a few small deserts and 'Happy Birthday' written eloquently in chocolate sauce. The view was insane and I wish I could have stayed for longer. Possibly one of my favourite resturaunts ever. If you want to go you have to book atleast a month in advance to get a decent time, but the resturaunt is open 24 hours for all you insomniacs out there. Would highly reccomend it to anyone for any special occasion.

Hope you enjoy the post and hope to post another one soon,



  1. Looks awesome!!
    I'll have to get my hubby to fly us over there!
    No happening for awhile!
    We did eat on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris at the fancy place! It was beautiful!
    I want to visit the Uk someday!

    1. Thanks Wendy!
      You wouldn't regret it, got treated like a king when I arrived :p.
      Wow, quite jealous actually, didn't even know you could eat on top of the Eiffel tower!! go to paris quite often so gonna have to check that out for sure :).

    2. well not the top, top, but way up! LOL