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Choosing the Right Friends - 10 Tips
March 13, 2015

Choosing the Right Friends - 10 Tips

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Experiencing childhoodwith few friends  I've learnt the value of true friendships and recently it's become more and more apparent how important it is to choose the right friends. The right friends will be there for all of it, the good and the bad, the fun and the scary. I used to get jealous of people with lots of friends but then I realised that just because these people are popular, doesn't mean anything. At the end of the day would these friends still be there for them if they moved away or had an arguement.

I've got a reputation amongst my friends to be quite selective in the people I choose to associate myself with. My friends are a part of me and reflect my judgement. Some say my standards are high but having a small group of friends I can count on, and that can count on me is something that I'm proud of. Without further ado, here's 10 tips to choosing the right friends:

1) One of my favourite quotes is: "If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, they are not a nice person." - You can tell so much about someone by how they treat service workers. If someone is rude because they don't get what they want, when they stop getting what they want from you, they'll be rude to you too.

2) Loyalty - if your 'friend' betrays their girlfriend, other friends or coworkers to achieve something or badmouths them, what's to say they aren't doing that behind your back. You want people that are hoping you suceed and have your back. Speaking of backs;

3) Backbones - I've had a few problems recently where people have wanted to tell me something but don't like confrontation. If you have a friend, you want them to be able to tell you when you're doing something they don't like so your friendship can improve and you can grow as a person. Unfortunately without a backbone, your friendships are stunted and tension arises.

4) Positivity - Friends that are always looking on the bright-side of things are always much more fun and help cheer you up. People can't be happy all the time, so when I say positive I mean people who affect you positively. If one of your friends is feeling sad or has been having a rough time, doesn't mean they're negative. Looking out for your friends is important, it brings you closer together.

5) Time - People get busy and sometimes your friends don't always have the time to see you. If they make time for you even when they're really busy, it shows how much they value your friendship. If you have a friend that can never meet you unless they have nothing to do, shows your their lowest priority.

6) Possessions - Now I always thought that parents taught their kids that when you've borrowed something, that you should always look after it. Look after it even more than you'd look after your own stuff. When returning it, always make sure to thank them and give it to them how it was when you first recieved it. If they can't respect your possessions, how can they respect you? Of course sometimes acciedents happen, but so long as it's not a habit and apologies are given then you've got a good friend.

7) Blame - If you've got a friend that's quick to blame other people when they've done something wrong, you're looking at someone who will never grow as a person. Mistakes are a part of life, hiding behind someone else is cowardly and facing the consequence shows strength of character.

8) Growth - Having friends that are stuck in life, and refuse help to progress aren't going to inspire you. Surrounding yourself with ambitious and aspiring people will rub off on you, and add a good competitive edge. Some people get stuck in a routine, which is fine, but growth is a direct reward from challenges. Get Inspired.

9) Distance - If there's some distance between you and your friends then making the effort to talk to each other shows a lot of dedication and the value of your friendship. If one person is making the effort a lot more than the other, then you can see that the friendship is pretty one-sided.

10) Thoughtful - If you're not doing so great and your friend still wants to see you to make you feel better or listens to your problems even though it's not fun to listen to, shows loyalty and thoughtfulness. Especially if they're decide to make you some food to perk you up, that's a friend for life right there.

Hope these tips help, and makes choosing your true friends that little bit easier.
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  1. Dear Francis,
    I am quite a bit older than you, but I am still making new friends!
    Some of my friends are still working, some moved to a different state, so I need to find new ones.
    I still have some core friends who are great supports, no matter what.
    People need other people!
    Good friends are worth their weight in gold!

    1. When you move around I can imagine it's difficult starting afresh without old friends nearby. I've only moved once and that is when I went to university, there it's different because you're integrated in with so many people in similar posistions in their life. I saw that you've been doing a lot of yoga recently, so hopefully you might meet new people there! I've heard people that go to yoga tend to be super friendly! such a calming routine way of beginning/ending the day

  2. I think that some of this are really good tips for analyzing people, but you have to go with the flow and see how things happens, better than try to calculate everything. Because that´s what I do and its exhausting and something very frustrating too.

    1. I see what you mean, but my intention isn't to to calculate everything or analyse my friends. I normally go with the flow but from my experiences I found that my true loyal friends are the ones who display these qualities in friendship.

  3. I'm quite fickle on who I call my friends as well. I'm currently attending university and finding people with good hearts can be quite a scavenger hunt, but the right people always come along when you least expect them :)
    She Will Be

    1. couldn't agree more! Sometimes you know someone for a long time and then your friendship slowly progresses and other times you meet someone for the first time and there's that instant connection that you could never have predicted. The more people you talk to the more likely you are to find the good souls.