Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top 10 Daily Essentials
March 17, 2015

Top 10 Daily Essentials

Hi everyone, just thought I'd do a little list about the essentials I take with me everyday to work or to univeristy to keep myself fresh and looking suave ;). Without further ado:

Moleskin Agenda - The easiest and simplest way of remembering everything you got planned for the week. With a nice soft cover that gets battered and bruised over the course of the year, you can't help but grow an attachment to your agenda. At the end of the year I'm always sad that I have to say good bye to my organised companion.

Watch - After getting my first watch on my 16th Birthday, I bought my second as a more casual timepiece for less formal occasions. MVMT is this new watch company that creates stylish and minimalist time pieces at affordable prices and I can do nothing but rave about them. Admittely I bought one just over a year ago and the strap kept coming off, but MVMT has shown their passion for providing their customers with quality watches by sending me a new one hassle free. Good job MVMT, can't wait to get another one!

Phone Case - Got this as a present for Christmas and it goes so well with the rest of my gear. I'm not a massive fan of branded products but the Calvin Klein label isn't too loud and keeps to my minimalist style.

Wallet - Another present that I got a christmas after my previous leather wallet from a chinese vendor in Venice started falling to pieces. Black leather is definitely my style and again the label isn't too loud. Has enough pockets for all your main cards and matches the my other essentials.

Ring - Got this Sterling Silver ring from Camden Market in London for around £20. Loved this ring so much that when I lost it in my travels in America I went to Camden Market another three times searching for the exact same ring. Alas I couldn't find the right size so I bought a size smaller and now wear it on my index finger.

Bangle - My girlfriend got this for my 21st Birthday. It's Sterling Silver again and made by Fred Bennet. Goes with the ring perfectly and I'm a big fan of the black and silver combo!

Cologne - Amazing cologne that gives you a musk that your lady will never let you forget. I always wait till Christmas sales when you can get cologne for absolute bargains!

Gloves - Bought these from River Island last winter Winter and I genuinely think these are quite possibly the best gloves that I have ever bought. No cold can penetrate them and you still retain some sensation of being able to sift through your pocket change. They have touch screen fingers and are perfect for iPhones and I use them everyday to cycle to uni. Couldn't live another winter without them.

Container Pots - Actually got these for free from LUSH. You can't actually buy these, they're tester pots and got these when I couldn't decide between buying two moisturisers. When I finished both samples I cleaned them out and thought they were great for storing medication/vitamins. Got one for multivitamins and one for zinc to keep me healthy.

Magazine - This year I decided to subscribe to GQ and read it with my breakfast every morning or when I'm in transit. To be honest I'm not a massive of the articles but I love cool looking photos and just flick through the pages to see the cool clothes, models and cars. It's like Tumblr but you have the relaxing action of turning over glossy pages. Full of cool little date ideas, good books and new tunes as well.

See you again soon,


  1. Francis!
    You make me laugh!
    Now I know what to buy my cute hubby for Christmas, birthdays, etc.
    My favorite cologne on him is Polo Black! I go crazy when he wears it!! ;)
    My hubby likes gold and black. he still wears a gold, onyx ring I gave him 30 years ago! It's flat on the bottom now!
    Have a super day!

    1. Gold and black is really cool too but never managed to pull it off. I really like Rose gold too for something a little less blingy and more stylish. If you like the watch there's a rosegold black version that I almost bought. Just an idea ;)


      Have a super day too! :