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Why a Degree is more than just a Grade
March 29, 2015

Why a Degree is more than just a Grade

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I’ve been working non-stop to completing a university assignment this week. Our group had to design a gyrocopter (a mix between a helicopter and a car), after spending 6 months of meeting, creating a concept designs and finally deciding on a final design. This involved unreal amounts of work and all-nighters in the library. When we finally submitted our final project I thought about the lessons I’ve learnt from my degree so far. Without a further ado here’s a mash up of lessons I’ve learnt that help me get through some of the hardest parts of my degree.

1. I’ve come to realise that education is the biggest stepping-stone to your career. Once you’ve obtained your qualifications you’ve set yourself up nicely for the rest of your life. Maybe you don’t want to do anything to do with what you’ve learnt, but at least you have a fail safe incase you need to ever start back from square one. Education is only temporary, but the lessons you learnt are for life.

2. Sometimes what you’re learning is rubbish, or will never be needed in life. The truth is; that is life, there will always be pointless things you have to do occasionally. The lesson is in the determination and will-powered required. You will learn to persevere through tonnes of tasks that are extremely dull. Even if you started your own business and became a millionaire, truth is you still have to fill out paperwork, research your market and review your finance, if you want to be successful. It’s not easy and you don’t get that willpower from nowhere.

3. Group work is hard. There’s always one person who’s not pushing their weight or not producing the same quality of work as the rest. Most people end up frustrated with incompetency in the team and argue. In the real world dealing with people is unavoidable and in university you learn what does work and what doesn’t work. Personally I find that the team spirit is what drives a group, if it’s not there, expect less cooperation and more arguments.

4. In most instances, people go to university and end up living in a student house. I would say living with people is one of the hardest things, you don’t fully know what someone is like until you live with them. You gain so much independence and learn how to adapt to environments. Inevitably arguments happen, but you gain the understanding that everyone is different and that’s ok. People weren’t meant to always get a long, but how you handle these situations gets easier once you’ve done it a few times.

5. The friends you make during your degree are for life. The people you meet on your course, or in halls are some of the best you’ll make. I’ve never seen such a diversity of people in such a small place. I’ve met people from all over the globe, rich and poor, chatty and reserved, athletic and druggie. What you get in school is only a taste of what university life is like, and you are forced to interact with all these people. There are so many societies to join and people to befriend. More than likely you’ll never experience a community as big as the one you experience at university. Here’s the biggest opportunity to create relationships and network that you can keep for life.

Thanks for reading and I hope anyone thinking of going to university feels inspired.

For anyone interested, here’s the computer model of my groups gyrocopter, you can’t see the interior but I promise all the controls are in there!



  1. couldn't agree more with these tips. university is such a unique experience in so many different ways. love your model!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  2. Un-Tipsy Teacher30 March 2015 at 01:01

    Great post! I lived at home and was dating my current (and only) husband!
    Learning how to learn is a lifetime lesson. Learning to persevere is the most important lesson of all I think.
    Cool gyrocopter!!

  3. Thanks Wendy! always happy to see your comments! Couldn't have put it better myself :)