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My Favourite Things to Do in London
April 01, 2015

My Favourite Things to Do in London

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As a native Londoner I've decided to compile a list of my all-time favourite things to do in the capital. If you're thinking of visiting on holiday, just spending a weekend, or just on a buissness trip, here's a few lessobvious ideas if you feel like doing something exciting. 

Drinks and food:

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Duck and waffle - This resturaunt is the highest in the UK, and provides a perfect view of the entire capital. Things are a tad expensive but you can go there just for drinks, or for a small meal, and the experience will be unforgettable. I've already done a post about it, with a video of the night, just click here.

Belgo - This belgian resturaunt does moules and chips to die for! With a superb variety of belgian beers, sea food and much more, this resturaunt settles for no less than perfection. The entrance is peculiar and unique, with a cool elevator that brings you down into this basement past the kitchen full of enticing smells, where your waiter takes you to your table. The atmosphere oozes exclusive style, and would reccomend this to anyone with a taste for seafood. The resturaunt is right next to covent garden station, so why not kill two birds with one stone and explore the area to walk off the beer belly.


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Camden Market - I'm a massive fan of taking any visitors to Camden market, it's always a guarnteed to be fun-filled and people always walk away buying a special present for their friends or themselves! Once horse stables, these markets have been converted, and are right next to a lock where you can watch the boats go in and out (it's educational) as you eat the food from the stalls. You can buy anything, you name it, from clothes, art, accesories to smoking pipe. If you go don't forget to haggle, you can get 50% off the price they advertise most of the time! Nobody's ever left disappointed.

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Carnaby Street - Near oxford street, this street is famous for its small retail shops, full of fashion boutiques and lifestyle shops. This street is probably one of the trendiest streets in London, and its always fun to have a cheeky snoop around if you got the time. The street is less than a 5 minute walk from Soho which has some nice cafes and resturaunts which I haven't mentionned. Look around if you're feeling adventurous.

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Southbank - Fancy a pleasant stroll? Walking along southbank can be a lovely way to do some sight seeing without taking it too seriously whilst watching the street acts going along till late afternoon. You can walk past the Houses of Parliament, Millenium Bridge, London Eye and quite a lot more. There's also the option of taking a boat / duck tour if it's good weather. The Tate Mordern and OXO design shops are closeby, and Southbank Thames festival goes on once a year, there's always loads to do here.


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Rooftop Cinema Club - I discovered this just before I went to univeristy, and therefore only got a chance to come here once, but I wish I discovered this sooner. If you've come with friends, your partner, or on a first date, this place is perfect to watch a movie. These cinemas are scattered across London and play movies everynight over summer, from recent films to cult classics, with an amazing skyline of London. They open the doors in the late afternoon and sell burgers, hot dogs straight from a BBQ, along with a bar that does some great beers and ciders. They play the film at sunset as it starts to get dark, and provide you with wireless headphones, and blankets to keep warm. I've been looking forward to going back all year! Such a fun night.

For a rainy day:

Natural History Museum - Everyone knows the Natural History Museum! Definitely prefer this over the British History Museum, purely because I've got this nostalgic attachment to this one. I've been here so many times I can't even count, from the Earthquake room, to looking to the robotic T-rex. If you want a fun time, the Natural History Museum is the museum to go to. Looking for something slightly more serious, then go the British History one.

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Saatchi Gallery - This gallery is located in the heart of Chelsea, on the Kings Road. Saatchi may not be the best guy after his spaff with Nigella, but he does have good taste in Art. I'm not a massive fan of classic art and prefer slightly more mordern art, with a touch of abstract every now and again. The art in this gallery is exactly that, with loads of immersive room-sized pieces and manageable exhbitions. Haven't found a gallery I've liked more so far. The giftshop itself is amazing, could easily spend the whole day in there.

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Harrods - This is an extravaganze of riches, a maze for royals and ridiculously expensive. Regardless, going just to look is an absolute treat. Every room is a luxurious show-room that's design to lure you in,  I can't really describe it any better than that. Anything you can think of, this shop sells it, its pefect, and then probably caked in gold. Not to miss.

Been to any of this places? Leave a comment, I read every one.



  1. Un-Tipsy Teacher2 April 2015 at 19:14

    WOW! I showed this to my hubby!!
    This is such a great post, with all the very cool pictures!
    If I come, I'd have to know what the girls (well ladies) wear!!! LOL

  2. Great post, hoping to visit London in the fall, definitely will use these tips!

  3. Thanks! The touristy stuff is cool too, but you can do that in the day or two. The cooler parts of London are a lil bit more hidden ;) Hope you do come over! you'd have an amazing time :D