Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer is here - Going Backpacking!
June 15, 2015

Summer is here - Going Backpacking!

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I've been a bit out of the loop recently as the past two months have been the most testing and stressful of my academic life. My peers and I were in the library every day round the clock revising for these exams and it's gotten to that point were google has become completely redundant. Fortunately I'm not here to complain too much, but more to express my excitement as I'm going travelling for a month to Thailand!

It felt like yesterday that my girlfriend and I bought our plane tickets, those past four months have zoomed by and we're packing our bags to leave tomorrow. We've got so many adventures planned and I can't wait to share them with you all, so make sure you stay tuned because when I get back I'll be posting frequently again (feels so good to be free for summer). I've bought a GoPro Hero (which I'll be sure to review) for the trip so I'll be making a video montage of everything when I return that you can check out, but in the mean time if you wanna see our holiday photos then follow me on instagram here or or on tumblr here. I'm bored of seeing photos and I'm so ready to see everything for real. I feel so anxious because I've never been backpacking before but so excited at the same time. The things that make you scared are the things that make you feel alive!

Can't wait to go and tell you all about it and expect to see lots more on here when I get back.

Keepin' it positive,