Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Favourite Top 5 Wanderlustful Lifestyle Blogs
September 09, 2015

My Favourite Top 5 Wanderlustful Lifestyle Blogs

Tuula - Jessica is extremely talented at photography and has elegant taste in fashion. She's already travelled so much and her photos have me wishing everyday that I buy a better camera! I could spend all day browsing her blog but she's been built up quite a collection. I just love looking at good photos.

Buckets & SpadesThis blog is great for discovering cool little things in different places. Now it's not strictly a travel blog but Matt and his friends have a great eye for design, fashion and finding hidden gems. That can vary from anything like a new pair of shoes or a independant restaurant, to a multi-coloured basketball court in the middle of Paris!

 Posh, Broke & Bored - I've been following London-based Jasiminne for a while now and her posts always have me saving them aside to look at again later. Her blog is so eloquently written and she engages her readers well. I'm always finding cool new resturaunts and galleries to visit in London as well as seeing some of amazing places she visits abroad. She even has her own fashion boutique. With her talent I could see her going a long way.

The Fernweh Wolf - Shelby takes some absolutely stunning photos, and seeing her Japan photos has me on my tip-toes ready to jump onto a plane ASAP. Her on-point photography and her talented writing makes her a must go to lifestyle/travel blogger. She recently posted tips for being a morning person, explaining why and how she changed from a night-owl to an early-bird. As you'll see in my previous post here, she literally inspired me to try it 'cos she made it sound so good. Gonna give it a try and may even post about it if it goes well :)

World of Wanderlust- This blog is so detailed and thorough you will almost definitely find something to use on your trip abroad here. Brooke and her friends have posted endless tips, advice and destinations. Every photo looks like a paradise and teasing you to book your flight tickets. Next time you're going abroad, check the country on here and you'll fine tonnes of cool places to visit and explore.

After coming back to London from the best summer of my life in Thailand and Azores, I can't stop obsessing over going on my next adventure. I'm absolutely rock-bottom broke at the moment but in the meantime these blogs will have me dreaming away. Enjoy the week guys :)

Keepin' it positive,


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