Sunday, 27 March 2016

HAPPY EASTER! (Blog Reboot) - New Domain Name
March 27, 2016

HAPPY EASTER! (Blog Reboot) - New Domain Name

Amsterdam Canal TourHi everyone,

Happy Easter! Long time no see. Sorry I've been so inactive for such a long time... gosh that 6 months really just flew by. No excuse really, all I can say is that I've worked my arse off to a level I've never known. Feels like yesterday I did my last post, it's just so easy to just slip out of sync.  

So lots of good news since I last updated you; passed my driving test, smashing my third year uni exams and I'm feeling pretty damn chill at the moment (if you exclude the fact I should probably be writing my dissertation right now). I feel like I've definitely come a long way in the past 6 months. I've been up, down and all around but mostly things are looking up, up, up. Hope you all are doing well too :), and that I haven't lost all my followers just yet.

So... why did I change my blog name? If I'm honest, wanted to steer away my blog from mental health (although I may touch on it now and again), and more towards lifestyle and travelling. The name, Free Core, symbolises to me a free and open mind with a true and determined spirit. I want to encourage people like you and I to think openly and not necessarily conform to the expectations society sets on us. I want us to live our lives in a way that makes us feel alive and our hearts pound, even if that means going out of our comfort zone. 

Hope you all like the new name, and are looking forward to reading more from me. I'll be sure to post more often. Realistically I have mountains of work at the moment, so no guarntees it'll be every week, but I'll never have you waiting 6 months every again. Thanks for reading guys and have a very happy Easter!!! You know you haven't celebrated hard enough until you're on the floor in pain from chocolate stomach cramps.

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