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April 06, 2016


Hotpod yoga in Cardiff
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So the other day I tried out Hot Vinyasa Yoga in Cardiff after doing some shots for my previous post. I was  curious from hearing experiences from several friends, so decided to give it a go. I had done normal Yoga once before, but had a rather mediocre experience mainly due to the instructor talking about herself the whole time and the fact I was the only guy.  This was SO much better. 

I went to a hotpod yoga class which means that it takes place in this pop-up, inflatable, heated pod with a capacity for 20 people. The experience is rather magical, and transports you away into an immersive bubble, away from the world for a soothing yet difficult session. The fact it's only 20 people or less makes it really intimate, and as a beginner they really help you out by talking you through it when they see a new face. They practice hot  yoga in vinyasa flow... Now I don't pretend to be any expert, I have no idea what that means but it was really hard and felt like a proper workout. The hour long session felt challenging, calming, and exertive all at the same time. I was actually surprised how popular it is with men as well, but I could feel the benefits as soon as the session finished with a clear mind and exhausted muscles. I also don't think I've sweat so much in my entire life, literally felt like I had been for a bath in my clothes after leaving the pod. Sweating is great for toxin release, endorphins and more, so your hot yoga sessions target both the mind and body in 1. I'm really looking forward to going again soon and could really see myself getting into this in the future.

The classes are suited towards both men and women, first-timers and experienced yoga peeps. I'm not trying to advertise here but I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share the experience with you guys. Hotpod yoga is a franchise that is scattered across the world, not just in England and Wales. If you fancy giving it a try, just check out the link here. If they haven't got one near you, then just try Hot Yoga, which I'm sure will be just as challenging and fun!



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