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April 12, 2016


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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd do a post about something that doesn't get spoken about very often. I feel quite conscientous about this, as someone who has lived in London my whole life, I've been brought up to be quite vigilant (but with good reason). My friends and family have had their homes broken into several times, and I have been the victim of theft, muggings and even pointless property damage. Unfortunately we now live in a world where if you don't take the necessary precautions, the passing-by opportunist may take advantage. You'd be suprised how many EVIL people there are out there, and they couldn't care less whether they screw your life up or not. You may think those conniving pests might read this, chances are they've read dozens of generic tips and won't bother with the same crap. Truth is, these are the BEST. So Without further ado, here's a list of tips to deter or prevent any burglaries:

Keep a Light on Timer
Something as simple as keeping one light on is enough to make it seem like somebody is home. Don't go ahead and use the photo as an example to keep all your lights on (because the planet is going to shit and energy wasteage isn't helping). Just make sure it's at the front of the house and visible for everyone to see, it'll be enough to make someone think twice about breaking-in.

Ask a Friend to Check-In
Lend your keys to a good friend in the area who can check up every now and again to give the all clear. The burglars that have some brains actually watch houses. They watch properties they think are empty for several days, and if they see anybody leave or enter that'll scare them off. Your friend could be the person that convinces them that your house is a no-go.
    CCTV cameras

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Fake CCTV Cameras
Scare the low-lives and scumbags away and buy Fake CCTV cameras such as this. Now obviously it's preferable and effective to get a real CCTV security system but it's a lot more expensive and could be considered over-the-top. These fake ones can make an existing CCTV system seem more expansive than it is, and is a good detterent if placed outside the house. They're super easy to install and basically cost nothing. Now you could argue that they can tell the difference between real & fake easily, or if they did break-in then they would be redundant. Some of this is true, but this article here, explains how genuinely effective they are (just don't point it at the street for legal reasons explained in the article).
Obvious Suggestions and Wireless Burglar Alarms
Lock all the windows and doors, keep valuables out of sight, install a burglar alarm (wireless systems are more secure and easy to install, such as this), need I explain more?

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Hide Your Valuables
From observing experiences with friends, burglars tend to ransack the whole house/room with little mercey for innocent hiding places like under the bed or pillow, checking wardrobes and more. They really are just sickos, don't let them violate you and your possesions, I promise you it'll stick with you forever. The best places to hide your expensive things like cameras, laptops, jewelry are either; in your laundry basket or kitchen pots and pans. They seem to forget these places. Think of a more creative hiding place or get a safe if you prefer, but make sure it's heavy otherwise they might just take it with them!

Be Careful on Social Media
No, I'm not gonna ask you to keep your holiday photos to yourself. That's just plain unrealistic. Just don't go advertising your address or posting photos of your house online, because then you're an easy target when they see you're away in paradise.

Strong Doors
In most burglaries, criminals break into the house or flat through the door, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. So make sure you invest in strong and secure door. 

Let a Neighbour Know
Lastly, befriend your neighbour. Let them know when you're going away and coming back , so if they see any funny business, they know to call the cavalry.

Hope you find these tips useful, if you come up with any more ideas then leave a comment in the section below. 




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