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I posted an Aquatic Bucket List over 6 months ago now, and figured now that we're approaching holiday season, I'd post the sequel in a series of Bucket List posts. High places have always held a fond place in my heart... Accomplishing this bucket list is probably about as close as I'll get to reaching for the stars. Reading back on my Aquatic Bucket List, I realised it may have been a little short..., so I'm gonna try to make it to 10 limit myself to 11.

1) Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

I've always wanted to go hang gliding, and what better way to gain good luck but by high-fiving Jesus in Rio! The city looks amazing and has a perfect shape to go gliding your way about the lovely scenery.

2) Climb Mount Pico in the Azores - Portugal

So this mountain is literally in the middle of the atlantic, screaming 'CLIMB ME'. There's a possibility I might be accomplishing this during the summer. I'm going to one of the main islands in the Azores with my best friend and if we can get a boat to here, so that we can climb this monster of a mountain, then we will! I got my fingers crossed, because this Mount Pico looks absolutely magical.

3) Hiking in Peruvian Mountains - Peru 

From a young age, ever since watching a documentary with my parents,  the Inca trails have always been a point of interest to me, due to their mystique ambiance and impressive nature. Machu Picchu is one of the official seven wonders of the world and I can't turn a blind eye to some of the most beautiful mountains on Earth.

4) See the Split Pinnacle - China

Probably one of the strangest places known to man, the Split Pinnacle located in Zhangjiajie is surrounded by tonnes of naturally formed pillars of stone is known to be one of the inspirations for the floating islands in Avatar! They look so delicate, feel like one little push and they'd all go tumbling! I hope one day I can see these because unbelievable to imagine that nature could create such fragile-looking structures.

5) Sky Bar in Bangkok - Thailand

A bit of a cheat, as I'm going here when I go to Thailand. SO excited to go up here and see the whole of Bangkok on my first night arriving. The bar is second highest in the world, after a bar in Shanghai, nonetheless still incredible. Posted about some of our plans here if you fancy checking it out.

6) Climb Kilimanjaro - Tanzania

Now I know a lot of people want to climb Kilimanjaro, but I really really want to. I dreamt about it and ever since then it's become a goal of mine that one day I'll make it to the top. Plus I'm actually a bit of a wuss when it comes to loving animals, and the oppurtunity to see loads of wild life cannot be turned down.

7) Explore Chittorgarh Fort - India

img source

The largest fort in India located on top of a hill looks intricate, and blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings. When I visit India at some point, will definitely need to stop by and maybe have a swim! This place has so much history, which admittely I don't know much about, but I want to go to find out!

8) Witness the Angel Falls - Venezuela

You ever watched that film, Up? One of my favourite Pixar movies which is based around this whole region, waterfall included. I watched the behind-the-scenes about the inspiration for the movie, and found out so much about this part of the world. The table-top mountains nearby were so high-up that nobody had walked on top of them, or at least nobody had documented it. The Pixar crew took helicopters to go on top, purely to research the area for the film, analyse the plants, animals, and rock formations. At one point they almost lost each other because it was so foggy up there!

9) Hike the Ten Peaks - Canada

This place looks so serene and colourful that I couldn't really resist from putting it on the list. Canada looks gorgeous and I'm not sure I'll be able to stay away from the famous ten peaks, might have a hard time convincing the grizzlys to stay away from me though.

10) Stand on the Active Aogashima Volcano - Japan

img source

This island in Japan is a Volcano, within a Volcano. Yup you read that right, I don't think I could imagine anything more awesome. I've always had a bit of an thing for Volcanoes, as did most boys, and this place just satisfied those childish dreams of one day exploring inside of one. Apparently there isn't much but a Sauna in there though.

11) Stand at the tip of TrollTunga - Norway

img source

The TrollTunga, which is actually Norwegian for Troll Tongue who would have guessed? This platform protrudes out from the cliff-edge and overlooks this extrodinary view, it just oozes dominance. Who wouldn't feel like a boss looking over such a scene, above it all. Probably wouldn't want to dangle your legs off the end though, just in case.

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April 08, 2015

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