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Stephen Wiltshire Gallery
August 28, 2015

Stephen Wiltshire Gallery

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire Gallery

I thought I'd make you all aware of this small but amazing gallery near Piccadily Circus in London.  The artist Stephen Wiltshire has an extrodinary talent of being able to memorise, using his photographic memory, very complex panoramic views and then draw them out. All he has to do it see the view once, and then he can reproduce it with remarkable accuracy.  

It was incredibly impressive seeing all his works of art and his sketchbooks, as well as his drawings from a young age. It's almost like a mini museum, with a board or two explaining his life story, struggles and triumphs and growing up with autism. I can't believe his raw talent, you can see his early drawings and how he could pick up infinitesimal details from a landscape view. He progressed upon his works and learnt to focus on his strengths, and now produces works of art that captivates a worldwide audience. Goes to show autistic minds can sometimes be the most beautiful, it's not something that needs a cure.

If you fancy giving it a look, the Gallery is located in an elegant Victorian-era arcade, just down the road from the National Portrait Gallery. They have a great selection of post-cards, and small bits and bobs. Definitely worth a visit, even if you're not into art Stephen Wiltshire's story is inspiring.

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