Friday, 4 September 2015

Hayward Gallery: Decisions - Carsten Höller
September 04, 2015

Hayward Gallery: Decisions - Carsten Höller

I just discovered this gallery the other day and thought I should share. I've never been to a gallery like it before as it displays 'experiential art', basically meaning you experience the art rather just look at it. The title of the exhibition explains itself, you essientially can make decisions throughout your visit, beginning with which entrance to choose. I'm not sure whether both entrances were both similar but the one we picked involved feeling your way through a pitch black metallic corridor, pretty scary if I'm honest! You can see the photo above (with a flash obviously). Other decisions involved whether to eat a pill which fell from the cieling every 5 seconds, to take the slide to exit or take the conviential route, or fly around on a machine for a bit (make sure the forecast is good because they won't let you on if it's raining! :( happened to us..). One of those headset things as you can see above, was probably the weirdest thing ever. Your vision would deflect upside down at an angle and made it impossible to stand straight or walk forward. If you looked down, it would look like you were looking ahead at your own body! Can't really put it into words! Definitely an amazing exhbition to visit even if you're not into art that much, the fact that it's all interactive just makes it a fun day out.

Don't want to spoil the rest as there was quite a bit more, but If you're in London this weekend and fancy checking out this awesome interactive gallery, then hurry and book your tickets now (here) as it closes on 6th September! It's on southbank, near embankment tube station.

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