About Me

My name is Francis Baumont De Oliveira. www.FreeCore.uk was born out of my desire to inspire an appetite for freedom and passion deeply rooted within all of us. I hope to offer fresh perspective through my enjoyment of documenting thoughts and dreams, capturing beauty in photographs, and working towards a more sustainable planet. This blog will be a visual diary for my experiences, research and insatiable need to express myself creatively. I constantly seek growth, from learning and challenges, and this blog is a means to resonate with that core nature.

Free Core primarily focuses on my passion for photography which has grown over several years. I've always had an attraction towards portraiture combined with stunning backdrops - something about the infinitesimal details and the way lights and shadows romantically fall subtly on skin has always sucked me in to admire these types of photographs. Easing a person to capture a moment of their true nature and vulnerability is something powerfully beautiful and drives me to improve my ability as a creative photographer. Every photograph has a story to tell about its subject.

Lastly, curiosity has driven me to undertake Ph.D. investigating the sustainability of vertical Farms. My research is working on methods to improve the financial and economic viability of these systems. A big theme on these blog posts will be sustainability - the thoughts, ideas and applications that we should consider to safeguard and protect Earth and our future generations.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these posts.

Keep it real,

- Francis